Finding sanctuary



finding sanctuary –

the difference 40 days makes

The BBC series entitled Monastery and Convent offered ordinary people the opportunity to experience some of the daily pathways of monks and nuns. The idea was to see if there was any value in these things for people today.

The response from people wanting a similar opportunity without going  into seclusion for 40 days was so great that the Abbot has produced a book to help.

The book has been used to create ‘finding sanctuary’ which is an opportunity over 40 days for people to see if some of these sanctuary pathways are of any use today without having to go into monastic seclusion.

     what isSanctuary…..

Sanctuary means a sacred place of refuge.

Once we find sanctuary we can experience the benefits of it in all of our lives. The effect is impossible to explain but once experienced it becomes clear what it is and how it brings peace and purpose into all areas of life and in all seasons of life, whatever our circumstances.

The BBC programs, monastery and convent, revealed what many have know for centuries, that you don’t have to be a monk or a nun to benefit from  finding sanctuary

Sanctuary pathways

Sanctuary can be found by anyone by following sanctuary pathways used in monasteries, convents and some churches.

The sanctuary pathways we will be using over the 40 days are

Reading for sanctuary (lectio divina)

Journaling (recording your experiences)

Instruction (in six basic areas of sanctuary life)

Worship (a community experience of sanctuary)

The effect is a bit like taking a course of antibiotics …

you need to complete the whole thing to gain the benefit

Taking the course

If you would like to participate in ‘finding sanctuary’

you will need to be able to commit to following all of the steps over 40 days which are ..

1. A daily time of sanctuary reading, 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. (materials provided)

2. A weekly lesson on Sanctuary together for further guidance. (one and a half hours on a weekday evening.

3. A weekly session with someone (a listener) who will listen to how it’s going for you. (time to suit you)

4. A weekly church service at Hope Vineyard Bramcote.

The course is free of charge and offered as a community resource for a fulfilled lifestyle.

The course is offered every  term …

For a place on this course or a future course

Contact hope vineyard

and leave a message on the answerphone 0115 9162905

or an e mail to

and we’ll contact you with details of an introduction evening to see if you would like to take the course.

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  Hope Vineyard, Nottingham

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