a family church for people of all ages, 10.15 am

we are 50 adults, children and youth, everyday  people, looking to live everyday lives, extraordinarily well in all circumstances.

Our services are informal with seating in the main area or around coffee tables. We spend a time together and then as adults, children’s and youth groups. The adults then have a  coffee break which leads into the adult service. Practical  Bible teaching as food for wellbeing through life’s issues and thriving in, and caring for today’s world. Worship   includes reflective quiet, and celebrational styles, Holy Communion and prayer for healing. 

Follow a whole teaching series with audio and notes, individually or in a group, or just listen to the titles that draw your attention. See sermons for audio and teaching for notes. Reflective journalling reveals to you the story of your life with God which assists healing, growth and witness. Contact us for a journal and begin the journey of your life. Finding Sanctuary in the modern world. Take a look at the ‘finding sanctuary’ course

 there are no charges at Hope Vineyard for anything 

and you do not need to be of the Christian Faith to use our resources 


the qualities and characteristics of the church are summarised in the following five values  discerned by the people in the church…..

Community/family. We exist in Christ as we exist together as one body. Our togetherness as family is an authentic reflection of our togetherness in the Trinity. We travel together and in Christ sharing the joys and pains. This was never prescribed and worked towards, it came out of our shared experience of God’s love and life.

Openness and permission. A preparedness to share our individual journey without fear of disapproval, disagreement or correction. This is not universalism it’s embrace as Jesus embraces us. It has lead to a safe fellowship where we care more for each other than for the views we may hold or the routes we take. The result is a diverse body with a very wide embrace faithful to the Gospel of love.

Spiritual Journey. We have found ourselves given to Spiritual Journey both as a fellowship and as individuals. This was not prescribed by any pre-set pattern but entered into almost innocently as we have journeyed together. We find in this our growth and healing in a way that is authentic to us. Also we have found that others can easily come alongside and join our journey at any point without being required to conform to any pattern or catch up. The invitation is that we do journey and not stand still. Even this appears to come naturally without being called for. I guess authentic journeyers attract others to travel with them.

A naturally supernatural shared experience of the presence of God. In all of our gatherings we experience the presence of God in a powerful way together. In home groups and Sunday services we constantly experience moments of awe and ministry that come as special visitations of the Spirit of God healing, restoring, changing us into the likeness of Jesus, giving us life. These have come in worship and teaching and ministry times but also in fellowship over coffee, in worship practices and in serving and teaching one another and children.

Teaching and equipping. We have become committed to bible teaching and equipping for everyday life. There is always something to engage in and take away into our days. Teaching is often followed up with study through notes and recordings. Spiritual direction has also been followed through by experimenting with spiritual exercises from different traditions. In a way, we must receive something that can become part of our journey into more of God’s life in our everyday lives.

Registered in England & Wales. Company No. 03170693 Charity No. 1054485. Affiliated to Vineyard Churches®